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Anxiety & the COVID-19 Virus

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

So, let’s talk about the thing that everyone is talking about ... (*cue Jaws music*) ... COVID-19. I chose this topic because it’s something we are all familiar with and we are ALL going through together right now.

Let’s talk about some common worries and stressors people have, related to this pandemic.

Common Worries & Stressors:

Uncharted territory.

We have never experienced something like this before. This is uncharted territory and new for all of us.


We are worried about contracting it, giving it to someone, and, the worst-case scenario, dying from Covid-19.

Financial burden.

NOT working and receiving an income. This is one of the major reasons for our anxiety at this time. How can we provide for ourselves? Our kids? Our small businesses? Our pups? Our trips that we’ve been planning?

Cancelled events.

Right when the weather is getting nice and the sun is coming out, all of our fun festivals, events, etc. are being cancelled.


After so many days inside, with the same people, running out of things to do or say, we start to get cabin fever and feel like we are going crazy.

Conflicting Feelings.

With those stressors in mind, we also start having conflicting feelings and maybe even judge ourselves for it. “Well I need to make money, so I will go to work for a little while,” or, “I need groceries at the grocery store but I don’t want to infect anyone or have anyone infect me.”

All these worries are normal at a time like this. Have peace knowing that we are all experiencing some kind of uneasy feelings about this pandemic.

Stay tuned for my next post when I talk about how to help with our anxiety during this time. Coming soon!

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