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The Blues

Do you often feel hopeless and/or helpless? Do you feel like you are the only person feeling like this and that no one else can relate? Do you judge yourself for feeling sad or depressed because to everyone else you have a “great life”? Do you feel down most of the day and aren’t really sure why, but just know you don’t “feel right” or like yourself? Do you no longer enjoy hobbies or activities anymore, like you used to?

Together We Can Find A Solution

If you are struggling with depression, we can work together to help alleviate associated symptoms. While in therapy, many with depression will come to realize that much of their sadness comes from childhood trauma or past experiences. During our time, we will work to get to the root of the problem, what is causing the unpleasant feelings, and find different ways to look at any underlying issues.  Contact my office today and let me help you find your peaceful way of being.

Symptoms of Depression

Many people experiencing depression tend to feel sad, hopeless, helpless, lonely, sensitive to rejection, self-conscious and/or constantly judged. If you cry easily, isolate yourself away from others, sleep too much, struggle with low self-esteem or feel that your sense of self-worth is lacking, you may be depressed.

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