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Feeling Incomplete

Do you feel responsible for the feelings of others, or perhaps their actions and behavior? Do you feel the need to protect a loved one from bad things or from consequences to their own actions? Do you feel like if you don’t assume control, no one else will, and in turn, ultimately take on a personal responsibility for that individual’s entire life? If so, you may be struggling with codependency.

Path To Recovery

With codependency and addiction being closely related, I use a variety of skills to help treat these problems. We will explore what the connection is and why the need for that person/substance. We will also learn alternative ways to occupy your mind and time. Depending on how long we’ve been struggling with codependency and/or addiction, it can be difficult to learn alternative ways to think, feel, act, spend your free time, etc. With my help and with your willingness, we will work together to handle these issues and also celebrate your successes along the way, no matter how big or small.

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