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The Ever-Consuming Worry

Is it hard for you to concentrate on daily, or even menial tasks? Do you constantly worry about things you probably “shouldn’t” fret about, like needing to finish the dishes before leaving the house? Do you constantly beat yourself up for making a mistake or fear making the “wrong” decision, (a constant feeling of needing to be perfect)?


Many people who experience anxiety tend to have difficulty concentrating. They excessively worry, have racing thoughts, experience changes in appetite, and have difficulty sleeping.

This Is Not A Winless Battle

Anxiety can be extremely exhausting and draining. During our time we will work together to try and see where your fear stems from and different ways to look at it. Once we can see that what we are worrying about is not as bad or scary as we perceive it, then we can practice changing the behaviors that lead to obsessing over the nagging worries. Ultimately, we can accomplish the goal of managing anxiety to make life more joyful.

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